Peter x Dana



Breeders: Mike & Angie Johnson (Reece Kennels) & Christine Whitmore
DOB: 08/24/2011 Puppies: 2 Males, 5  Females


BIS Ch. Laurwyn's Piece of Cake

Ch. J an J Afterhours Dana CGC, JH

 Ch. Laurwyn's Cheesbuger  x  Ch. Laurwyn's Cheese Twist

 J an J Afterhours Big Bucks JH x Afterhours To Be Or Not To B

Semen Owned By: Joy Brewster

Owned By: Michael & Angela Johnson & Christine Whitmore

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Reece Afterhour RKM Tempest Win One For The Gipper


Owned by: Kathy Marks, Angie Johnson, Belinda DeLaby, Christine Whitmore

Reece Afterhours In It 2 Win It At Whitetail


Owned by: Deb Darby & Angie Johnson

Reece Wired To Win At Harvest Meadow's Afterhours


Owned by: Lisa Minnick and Angie Johnson



Reece Afterhours Win Me Over


Owned by: Joel & Betsy King

Reece Afterhours Just Win Baby


Owned by: Jon & Danielle King

Reece Afterhours Win Coco Chanel Fordsman


Owned by: Fordsman Family



Reece Afterhours Billie Win

"Billie Mae"

Owned by: Jim Hinz & Todd Vladyka





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