Player x Marley




Angela Johnson, Christine Whitmore, Joyce Wilkinson, Edwin Shupp

DOB: 03/11/2014 Puppies: 7 Males, 3 Females


CH HH Lookout Playing The Field MH UTI

CH Reece Afterhours Pretty Is Pretty Does JH RN NA NAJ NAVHDA Prize I V

GCh Ripsnorter Mt. View Lookout JH x CH RLB's Got Moxie at Drakkar MH

 GCH Ripsnorter Mt. View Lookout JH x CH J an J Afterhours Dana JH

Owned By: Kiki Courtelis, Edwin Shupp, Joyce Wilkinson

Owned By: Michael & Angela Johnson & Christine Whitmore

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Reece Abacos Donkey Kong Country


Owned by: Ashley Langhoff, Angela Johnson & Jamie Robertson

Reece Mother May I


Owned by: Mandy Hotchkiss, Angela Johnson, Phoebe Bright

Reece Double D's The Game of Life


Owned by: Deanna Donohue, Angela Johnson & Rick Donohue



Reece Breaking Curfew


Owned by: Scott Selby & Angela Johnson

Reece Duck Duck Goose


Owned by: Jim & Bab Hanna

Reece Cowboy and Idians


"Owned by: Chace Cottles



Reece Battleship At Bentley Farms


Owned by: William Bentley

Reece Capture The Flag


Owned by: Whitt and Anna Stone

Reece Tag You're It


Owned by: Ericka Montlavan & Ronald Faia




Reece Kick The Can Remington


Owned by: Terry & Donna McGonigal




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