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Research The Breed and Different Breed Lines

There are several articles and Information on the Reece Website under the tab Education.  Also go to the GWPCA.com, AKC.org, NAVHDA.org for additional information. This is an active, smart breed that require lots of exercise, they are not suited for all homes.  Also understand their are different lines that excel in different areas. Ask your breeder about trainability, drive and hunting style. Some lines are more adapted to hunt thick cover where others have lots of run and more suited for horseback. Not all lines excel in water work and some are natural retrievers and trackers. Talk to your breeder about their stock.

Health Clearances.

Verify health clearances have been completed on the sire & dam and other generations before them. The bare minimum health screening on any sire or dam should be OFA or PennHip hips and thyroid; most reputable breeders will strive for much more. There is a program called CHIC which is a centralized canine health database sponsored by the OFA. CHIC, working with the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America recommends certain health screenings before breeding a GWP. When a dog is CHIC it means they were screened for all the health screenings but not necessarily passed them. Verify the sire & dam have all or most of the CHIC test and verified they passed the test. The Required CHIC test are Hips, Elbows, Thyroid, Cardiac, Eye. You can research all health clearances at www.offa.org
Research The Breeder. The breeder should be able to provide references from previous puppy owners, fellow breeders/mentors, veterinaries and other organizations. Look for a breeder that is involved with, and a member of the AKC GWP parent club (GWPCA) as well as other AKC clubs or hunting clubs.  A breeder should be involved with other people in the breed and with organizations that recognize and support your breed. The breeder should take health, temperament, conformation and hunting/working ability very serious when breeding.

This pup will be with you for 10-15 years, you want a breeder that will be a support system to you and your new family member.  You want a breeder that is involved and supportive but not controlling. Be cautious with breeders that swing from one extreme to the other.  Avoid the breeder with no references or contract but the other spectrum, a breeder with a large contract, tons of stipulations and requirements, can be just as hazardous.  Call, email, visit and interview a breeder several times get to know them.  Reece Referrals

Research The Sire & Dam.

Health Clearances & Titles

Ask for a pedigree and verify the sire and dam and other dogs in the pedigree have health clearances and verify these through OFFA.org.  Verify the sire & dam have titles or accomplishments. You may think I only want a pet so titles are not important but they are very important. They demonstrate that the sire & dam are successful in areas that are important to the breed, that they have a personality/ temperament that is comfortable in public forums, that they can be trained in different venues, and that the breeder is involved with organizations and events that support GWP's. If at all possible ask to meet the sire & dam so you can attest to their personality/temperament personally and ask the breeder about temperament, health, conformation and other attributes of dogs in the pedigree. Accomplishments of Reece Dogs
Environment. Ask the breeder how they raise their puppies, make sure they are properly socialized, are introduced to different sounds, people, surfaces and stimulations. Verify the breeder takes good care of their existing adult dogs, it will reflect how they take care of the puppies. Ask what inoculations and at what age they are given to the pups, what kind of food do they feed and at what age do they let their puppies go home. About Reece
Contract. Breeders should have a contract available for you to review so that you understand what is expected from you and the breeder. Verify there are clauses for how to handle a pup that has genetic health issues.
Don't Compromise. Once you find a breeder that you feel comfortable with, has the same values as you with all aspects of dog ownership, don't compromise. So many buyers choose a breeding based on timing and location. This is a pup that will be with you for the next 10-15 years. Don't compromise integrity, values, health screenings and all the items I listed above to make a pup fit a certain time or a certain location. Don't let a vacation or the distance to drive make you compromise and get a lesser pup from a breeder that you have not developed a relationship with. If timing is critical to you a good breeder will help you find a pup from a breeder with similar values as them that will work with your timeframe.





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